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The characteristics of the silicone mold and Cleaning & maintenance

Silicone mold product features:
1. the main component of silica gel Silicone is silica gel, a natural ingredient existing in sand, stone and crystal. Not rubber Rubber, nor plastic Plastic! Silica gel is a stone on the beach, low carbon and environmental protection.
2. silica gel has high strength, softness, corrosion resistance and good temperature. It is suitable for cooking and baking, and is simple and practical.
3. through detection, health and health, natural antibacterial, can eliminate bacteria and fungi breeding. Therefore, infant products, medical supplies, there are a large number of silicone products. For example: nipple, silicone plastic and so on.
4. can be recycled, durable and low energy consumption.
5. having stable mechanical properties, it has good temperature resistance and wide range of temperature resistance. The lowest temperature is 40 degrees below zero and the maximum temperature is 230 degrees.
6., it has corrosion resistance to cleaning agents and other corrosive substances and is easy to clean.
7. after use, no raw material will stick to the mold.

Cleaning and maintenance of silicone mold:
1. before the first use, wash with water or detergent to remove surface dust. Before baking, a small amount of butter can be applied to the mold. When using the mold, if empty slot can be added to the empty slot, water is prohibited.
2. after each use, it can be soaked in diluted detergent for 10-30 minutes. Please clean it with soft cloth when cleaning, and do not use rough cleaning ball, so as not to cause scratch damage to the mold. After cleaning, please dry, placed in the receiving box, the silica gel is easy to play an electrostatic reaction, will adsorb the tiny particles and dust in the air. For a long time, do not expose it directly to the air.
3. in the oven, must be placed in the middle of the oven, and the heating pipe to keep the distance of 10cm, and the four walls of the oven to keep the distance of 5cm, so as not to damage the mold at high temperature.
The 4. part of the mold has cracks, which is already cut open when the factory is open, which is convenient for buyers to release. If no incision is made, it can not be removed. When in use, put a plastic wrap or a rubber band on the incision, then pour it into the liquid.


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